Marketing Team

Shelley Schubert

B2B marketing manager

First4Lawyers, July 09, 2018

Shelley joined First4Lawyers in 2016 and is our B2B marketing manager, responsible for driving marketing and PR activities to panel members and the wider B2B market.

Working closely with the head of marketing, she can usually be found working away in the background to market the brand to potential new panel firms, as well as providing updates, analysis and added value to our existing members.

With almost 15 years marketing experience, Shelley worked in the automotive industry for 11 years, with prestige marques such as BMW, MINI, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. 

As group marketing manager at Williams Group, she was responsible for the marketing of 13 car dealerships across the North West, where she won ‘MINI UK Marketeer of the Year' in 2010.

She went on to regional, then national marketing roles for Manheim as a specialist in manufacturer and fleet sales and marketing, including the biggest ever BMW vehicle auction, selling over 1,000 BMW and MINIs in one day!

Shelley's role with First4Lawyers is a varied one, ranging from delivering marketing, strategy and content plans, to writing best practice guidelines for our panel members, conducting mystery shopping, benchmarking results and identifying areas for improvement. 

Her other area of focus is around industry leadership and research into hot topics in the legal industry, where she produces press releases, White Papers and keynote presentations, as well as getting involved in consumer issues and lobbying activities. 

Shelley notes: "As an industry leading marketing collective we have a responsibility to stand up to the government and lobby as hard as possible against unfair proposals, such as the personal injury reforms currently going through Parliament.

"As a trusted consumer brand we also have a responsibility to our clients and all consumers in bringing awareness of the reforms and changes that will negatively affect them. The reality is that the majority of consumers are not aware of the proposed changes, let alone how they themselves could be impacted by them."

Shelley is currently excited about the launch of our new 'best practice' initiative this year: 

"We view our relationships with panel members as partnerships, working with them to ensure they are getting the very best results, adding value at every point we can. We never stand still and are always looking for new ways to add value for our panel members."

Outside of work Shelley's focus is her family, often adventure-seeking with her four-year-old daughter, going to new places and trying new things.

Most recently this included paragliding off an Omani mountain!

She says: "You only live once and I like to test my limits. I try to apply a 'how hard can it be?' approach to life. I once ran the London marathon for a bet (although I have to say I’ll never do that again)".   

For relaxation Shelley loves to bake and do yoga.