Clinical negligence

We generate a very high number of clinical negligence enquiries, including complex multi-track claims.

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When it comes to clinical negligence claims, First4Lawyers are the market leader. The combination of a dedicated clinical negligence TV campaign and online campaigns means we are able to generate a far higher number of enquiries. We target complex multi-track claims including cerebral palsy and cancer misdiagnosis.

Our marketing is seen millions of times every month

  • Dedicated clinical negligence TV advert seen by over three quarters of a million people every day.
  • Over 600 different online adverts and campaigns seen over 155,000 times per month.
  • We run dozens of clinical negligence online campaigns, bidding on researched SEO keyword combinations.
  • We rank organically in the top 10 for the most-searched clinical negligence keyphrases.

Proven to deliver excellent results

We have a proven track record of consistently delivering high quality, well-vetted, valuable leads.

  • Delivering up to 22 vetted clinical negligence leads per month with an average 22% conversion.
    (Based on data analysis taken in Q2, 2019)
  • A varied mix of all types of clinical negligence leads to our panel including:
    - GP
    - A&E related
    - Surgical
    - Childbirth and gynaecology
    - Serious injury
    - Oncology

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