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Disappointment with today's whiplash claims announcement from the Justice Secretary

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Qamar Anwar, managing director, March 21, 2018

Response from Qamar Anwar, managing director of First4Lawyers:

"Today’s announcement from the Justice Secretary, David Gauke about a crackdown on so-called fraudulent whiplash claims is ill-advised.

"It’s extremely disappointing, although somewhat predictable, that the new Justice Minister has followed in this path of his predecessors by rolling over and taking the insurance industry’s propaganda, which is fuelling these proposals, at face value.

"Coming at a time when insurers report having to shrink their claims departments in response to falling claims and reduced fraud whilst announcing disproportionate rises in their own profits, the justice secretary cannot have satisfied himself that reform is actually needed.

"Reform should only be based on fact rather than the whim of the ABI. Further, the promise that the Bill will offer hope of lower insurance premiums to millions of motorists is a fallacy and to imply that victims of motoring accidents are not law-abiding is an insult to the many thousands that experience pain and suffering from accidents that are not their fault."