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Shelley Schubert, senior marketing communications manager, July 15, 2020

There we go, we said it. First4Lawyers are BETTER than other lead generators. Yes, it’s a bold statement. And we haven’t quite come out and said it so boldly before. But it’s true. And so why shouldn’t we stand proud and shout it from the rooftops? Why are we better you ask? Well, there are so many reasons. Here are just some of the reasons why…

We stand with our customers  

Your success is our success. The radical changes in the market as a result of the coronavirus pandemic meant we had to adapt in order to support law firms for the benefit of us all in the long-term. Being an independent, privately-owned business means we have the ability to adapt quickly and make decisions without the pressure of shareholders or additional stakeholders. This puts us in a very unique position to be able to support our panel firms in ways other lead generators are unable to.

We made a commitment very early on to support our clients and play the long game. Not only did we flex our proposition to help firms reduce their costs, we committed to do our utmost to support firms as we move out of this crisis to better times ahead. To date our support has included a six-figure investment to supplement our marketing budget as we strive to ensure that we retain and increase market share, delivering the very best possible returns for our member firms.

In a climate where it is still costing more to deliver less, we continue to stand by our decision to do the right thing by our panel firms. Instead of asking our clients to pay more for less, we reduced the cost of panel membership whilst simultaneously increasing how much we are investing in marketing. We continue to use our own money to bolster our marketing activity and are committed to investing as much as is needed to ensure we deliver new business to our panel members for the long-term.     

We are proud of the great working relationships we have with all our panel members. We work in partnership with our panel firms and are proud to have worked with many firms for many years. JMP Solicitors have been working with us for over a decade and continue to grow from strength to strength. Our relationship with our panel firms doesn’t just stop when we deliver leads, we help our firms to get the very best out of the leads we send them, providing support to improve conversion performance through our continual review of best practice.

We consistently deliver

We have the proven capability to consistently deliver quality vetted leads. There is no denying that marketing conditions have been challenging over the past few months. The volume of claims has been down and the cost of generating claims has been running above the expected average. This hasn’t stopped us delivering what we set out to though, and even in these tough times we have delivered on our panel commitments, even exceeding our targets in May and June.

We are always open and transparent about the service we offer, so you always know where you stand with us. We do expect to see some fluctuations in search volumes over the next few months, but as lockdown is lifted we fully expect search volumes to continue to increase. And as search volumes increase so too does our brand visibility for those search terms. TV continues to be a very responsive medium for First4Lawyers, generating more enquiries than forecast and working well to support our brand search.

There still seems to be few certainties in life right now, but with our unique insight and experience we ensure that our forecasts are attainable and industry leading in terms of competitiveness and value. What remains certain is that we continue to closely monitor fluctuations in the market to ensure we maximise our marketing spend for the very best returns. With First4Lawyers you can rest assured that your marketing investment is in the very best hands.

Our strive for quality drives results

Quality sits at the heart of everything we do. It’s one of our company values and we are relentless in our strive for delivering excellence. It’s what drives us and it’s one of the reasons we are able to consistently deliver results. We don’t sit back and we don’t take things for granted. We monitor; we evaluate; we analyse; we tweek; and we perfect. We are masters of our craft, but still we push to be better. That’s what makes us better. 

Our vetting procedures and strict quality control measures mean our law firms receive only the very highest quality leads from us. We work hard internally to deal with any speculative enquiries, maintaining our usual robust approach to screening and rejecting claims that simply don’t meet liability, quantum or limitation. The First4Lawyers brand is synonymous with quality and we pride ourselves on maintaining the consistent quality we are known for.

The service we provide is efficient and organised. With direct transfer of potential claims, you can manage your time more effectively, rather than spend precious time trying to call potential clients back. The fact we only send the highest quality leads to our firms means that you can focus on managing the right leads more profitably. We’re committed to helping our panel firms to grow their client base and maximise their return on investment. Our top-performing firms convert at over 90%. How does your firm compare?

We have a robust marketing strategy with ‘flex’

Our robust and flexible marketing strategy means we can respond swiftly to changes in the market. The way we all consumed media in lockdown changed considerably as we all adapted our daily habits in light of the pandemic. We were able to evolve our marketing strategy to reflect changes in the market to keep our panel firms moving. As we started to spend more time in our family units, we chose to watch more TV with them too. Co-viewing (more than one viewer to an individual TV set) increased and so too did video on demand. This all translated into a 34% increase year on year in TV set use. 

At a time when some brands in our sector withdrew from TV advertising, we were able to negotiate additional airtime through our media buying power. Our TV campaigns have seen more exposure and as a result we have seen an increased and fresh audience for the First4Lawyers brand. This in turn has delivered an increase in brand searches and double digit growth in enquiries from TV activity alone. Brand search terms for First4Lawyers have remained strong throughout this crisis which is reflected in independent research from IRN showing that we rank as one of the top three legal brands in the UK with 50% brand recognition amongst the consumers they surveyed.

We are recognised for our expertise

We have always prided ourselves on our effective marketing, driving performance and maximising results. We work hard to continuously strengthen what we do and the last three months has been no exception. We’ve had to work even more effectively when monitoring the markets and working to understand the best time to invest in marketing, or on the contrary, hold back because it was too competitive. Our continuous analysis of marketing trends and data has enabled us to make the right decisions in switching between media channels and upweighting because the market was optimal. Our marketing is 100% data-driven and our expertise in everything marketing and digital has enabled us to make the right decisions at the right time.

We’re not just a team of marketing experts though. As legal marketing specialists our team includes legal professionals too. Our claims team is led by a qualified solicitor who has practiced as a specialist in personal injury cases and is focused on the training and development of our claims team to ensure every customer receives a first class service. Our claims team have over 9,500 reviews (and counting) on Trustpilot with a 5 star excellent rating. They are, quite simply, excellent at what they do, providing support and advice to those that need legal help in a kind and empathetic manner.

It may come as no surprise then that we are multi-award winning. We have won Claims Management Company of the Year at the Personal Injury Awards seven times, and five times in a row, in recognition of our ethical approach, the contribution we make to the industry and our commitment to providing an excellent, high-quality service to our clients and panel law firms. The judges in 2019 particularly recognised our dedication to go above and beyond for our clients. 

Our membership is affordable and flexible

First4Lawyers have always been committed to delivering results more economically, helping your marketing budget to go further. In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent decrease in the volume of enquiries being made, we immediately made the decision to reduce the cost of our panel membership to reflect what we were able to deliver. We have maintained a consistent and prudent approach in our pricing giving firms maximum value for their investment.

What’s more, we’re offering firms added flexibility. Our flexible modelling offers firms two different ways of working with us, meaning that we offer a solution to meet the immediate needs of all firms. Our fixed fee model provides certainty in terms of costs, whereas our cost per enquiry model comes with the peace of mind that you will receive the appropriate refund should market conditions decline below expectations.

We offer a three-month trial, no long-term contracts and affordable monthly payments. So whether you’re looking for high quality vetted personal injury, clinical negligence or industrial disease leads, we can help you to secure a healthy, profitable pipeline of work now and in the future. Can you afford not to work with the UK’s largest independent legal marketing collective? Find out how you can join our panel.



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