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Shelley Schubert, senior marketing communications manager, May 07, 2020

Perhaps unsurprising, consumers have been turning to the internet for help and support to get through the lockdown. We’ve seen some interesting trends in search volumes across different subjects that were once only infrequently on our mind. We’ve managed to overcome the initial hysteria of panic buying pasta and toilet roll and whilst there was an initial surge in searches relating to ‘how to home school the kids’,  even this has now died down. And whilst many were initially enthused by PE with Joe Wicks, this too has lost its search appeal.


Toilet roll searches



Home schooling tips


Instead we have, in typical British spirit, knuckled down and got on with it as our searches have started to move towards activities and interests to keep us occupied in the home. People are not only tapping into their more creative side, looking at how to make things themselves, they’re also looking at ways to improvise as we all accept the everyday social restrictions placed upon us. Many have got to the point where they are thinking about cutting their own hair!



How to cut your own hair

The initial surge in home delivery services has reduced over the last couple of weeks, but we are seeing weekly spikes in searches for things associated with weekend treats and entertainment such as online quizzes, takeaways and even alcohol delivery services. Reassuringly the data suggests that we are not over indulging too much during the working week!



Takeaways still open


Thankfully the message of stay home to protect the NHS and save lives seems to be hitting home. After an initial spike in searches on what you can do during lockdown, including ‘Am I allowed to meet friends and family?’ and ‘Can I go shopping?’, these spikes soon fell away as we all started to accept the importance of staying at home and our own individual roles in the fight against coronavirus.



Am I allowed to meet friends and family? 



Can I go shopping?



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