Thought Leadership

The importance of an integrated marketing strategy


Andy Cullwick, head of marketing, August 06, 2019

Many businesses neglect an integrated marketing approach; and the result is often an inconsistent, unorganised message that doesn’t create any kind of experience for the consumer. This, of course, is a fundamental error, particularly in the 21st century, when there are some many new media ideas and channels being developed.

Here are just some of the reasons why an integrated marketing strategy is important:

  • deliver a consistent message
  • create and build your brand image
  • realise cost savings
  • create the right consumer experience
  • help you focus on results

Integrated marketing allows you to spread your message across several mediums and increase your chances of having it heard and acted upon. In recent weeks, I’ve seen different examples to help amplfy and justify my belief in always presenting and delivering a cross-channel message to consumers.

I’m lucky in the fact that not only do I get to work in the wonderful world of digital marketing, but I also manage First4Lawyers above the line marketing which includes our TV campaigns. After months of hard work, I had two fun filled days on set at Media City UK in Manchester filming a set of four brand new adverts that will launch next week.

This is the third TV advertising campaign I’ve worked on during my time as head of marketing at First4Lawyers, and it’s our biggest yet! I’m genuinely very excited about the campaign and the team who made it all possible. We had a creative team who have created campaigns for big brands and major creative agencies. Our LA-based director flew across to bring the campaign to life having worked on TV campaigns for the likes of Umbro, Skoda, Typhoo and Sofology and also with many leading stars including Owen Wilson, Chris Rock and Robin Williams.

TV advertising is far from dead, it plays a key part of an integrated marketing strategy and we have created our new campaign to ensure it is fully integrated with a range of digital and physical assets to support our entire marketing activity. When advertising on TV we can measure a clear correlation between advertising slots and increases in brand search, visitors to our website and direct enquiries.

We are one of the UK’s most visible legal marketing collectives and the unique way we work means that we can invest in TV to benefit all our customers.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the team weave their magic and bring our creative concepts to life. Fortunately, there’s just a short wait before you see them on our screens.