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White paper: Marketing in consumer law firms - is it future proof?

Reading time: 4 mins

Andy Cullwick, head of marketing, September 12, 2017

Whitepaper cover:  Is consumer law marketing future proof?SME law firms “not ready for marketing in 2017, let alone 2020”, survey finds

This is the third in our series of white papers looking into the future of legal services.

Marketing in its many different forms is crucial to every law firm in 2017.

To review the state of the market, we commissioned independent research to look at 100 SME law firms’ attitudes to marketing, their current tactics, as well as their thoughts on what the future of marketing in their law firm would look like.

The results make for sobering reading, suggesting that most decisions about where to invest marketing are made by senior management or the board without the marketing department’s input.

In any case, very few firms take the time to properly track the effectiveness of their marketing activity, meaning that decisions on the marketing tactics used are being based on nothing more than gut instinct.

Download the full report (pdf, 9mb)