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Andy Cullwick, head of marketing, August 08, 2019

Our Personal Injury marketing activity is seen and heard over 48 million times per month and Medical Negligence marketing activity, seen and heard over 26 million times per month. So, how can law firms achieve strong brand awareness and guarantee effective marketing success?

Becoming the UK's most seen legal brand is about much more than just one element of marketing. At First4Lawyers we believe it’s more than just focusing on a single keyword or route to market. Instead, we look at our entire marketing mix to ensure that we are leveraging every opportunity to be seen by the right audience. Our new article looks at just this point and the importance of an integrated marketing strategy.

As the UK’s most seen legal brand and largest independent legal marketing collective our results speak for themselves, which is why we’ve created new infographics to highlight exactly what we achieve and the value and benefit that provides to our panel law firms we work with.


See our Personal Injury results

See our Medical Negligence results


Our web development team work hard to ensure we stay ahead of SEO developments and following a recent Google algorithm update, we’ve seen the second highest growth in online visibility across the legal sector. Whilst major brands have seen 30 to 40% falls in organic visibility, we’ve enjoyed a 42% increase in visibility, which has led to a 10% increase in organic traffic and 15% increase in enquiries.

Pay Per Click advertising remains an increasingly competitive route to market, but through our expertise, innovation and group buying power we can maintain a strong competitive advantage. We have over 11,300 variations of Personal Injury PPC adverts running across almost 45,000 keywords and search phrases and 2,800 variations of Medical Negligence PPC adverts running across almost 13,000 keywords and search phrases.

A complex and expensive route to market is TV advertising, but it is key to building a brand and trust with potential clients. However, many law firms lack the capability and budget to be able to air their own campaigns. But working with First4Lawyers means they get all the benefits of TV advertising at a fraction of the cost.

TV advertising is one of the reasons we’re the UK's most seen legal brand, so we’re excited to be launching our new campaign next week and see the final adverts on TV. We’ve also recently launched radio advertising across 65 stations across 7 groups and are currently expanding this advertising campaign into press advertising through the Metro newspaper.

We continually look at, test and review new sources of marketing to ensure we are seen by the widest and most relevant target audience and our marketing is seen by more people each month than any other brand.



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