Campaign resources

Everything you need to support the campaign

We've made it as easy as possible for you to support our #RepairTheRightBody campaign. All the assets you need to get the message out to as many people as possible are right here.

3-minute animation

Share our 3-minute video, which illustrates how an ordinary person will suffer and be left to fend for themselves against insurance companies who will see their profits go up as a result.
See the animation on YouTube

Client case studies

Client case studies of real people talking about their own experiences of suffering a road accident. 

'Myth buster'

Our myth buster document (Word doc) compares some of the statements made by insurers versus the reality. 


Our infographic supports the animation and summarises the the proposals visually. You can use this on your website as well as sharing it on your social media channels.
Save the infographic (jpg image).

Campaign website

Link to our campaign web pages at:

Campaign logo and web banners

You can use the campaign logo, as well as a banner advert on your website. Just right-click and 'save image as'.

Repair the right body campaign logo



Repair the right body campaign banner

Be sure to link the logo and banners through to the campaign web page at  - this will ensure your clients have access to all the information surrounding the proposals.

Client email template

We have created an email template you can use to email your own client base. Feel free to adapt this as you see fit.

Social media posts

We've created some suggested social media posts to start you off, which you can download.

List of MPs to contact

Parliament website has an online search tool to find contact details for your MP.  

MP email template

We've created an email for you to send to you local MP - which you can, of course, adapt to your own needs.

Contact us

If there is anything else you need or you think your firm can help to support the campaign in any other way, please let us know by emailing or

Thank you for your support


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